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Bereshit (parsha) (Genesis 1:1-6:8) is the first parsha or weekly reading session in the Torah. It starts with the classic words, "In the beginning". It shares its name with the first book of the Tanakh, Bereshit, also known as Genesis.

It begins with the separation of light and dark, the creation of the world, plants, animals and humans on the Week of Creation. This section also contains the story of Adam and Eve disobeying G-d, eating from the Tree of Life, getting kicked out of Eden. Their son Cain kills their son Abel. And as more humans become wicked, G-d considers destroying creation. But as the last sentence of the parsha says "But Noach saw kindness in the eyes of G-d" (Bereshit, 6:8)

Spelling: The English transliteration is fairly consistently Bereshit. The Hebrew spelling is בראשית.

Book Parashot
Bereshit / Genesis Bereshit (parsha) Noach Lekh-L'kha Vayera Haye Sarah Toldot Vayetze Vayishlah Vayeshev Miketz Vayigash Vayehi
Sh'mot / Exodus Sh'mot (parsha) Vaera Bo B'shalah Yitro Mishpatim Terumah Tetzaveh Ki Tissa Vayakhel Pekudei
Vayikra / Leviticus Vayikra (parsha) Tzav Shemini Tazria Metzora Ahare Mot Kedoshim Emor B'har B'hukotai
B'midbar / Numbers B'midbar (parsha) Naso B'ha'alotekha Shlah Korah Hukkat Balak Pinhas Mattot Masei
D'varim / Deuteronomy D'varim (parsha) Va'et'hanan Ekev Re'eh Shoftim Ki Tetze Ki Tavo Nitzavim Vayelekh Ha'azinu V'zot Haberakhah

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