The LeeVees' CD, Hanukkah Rocks contains "Latuke Clan", "Applesauce Vs. Sourcream", "Goyim Friends", "At The Timeshare", "How Do You Spell Channukkahh?", "Kugel", "Jewish Girls (At The Matzoh Ball)", "Gelt Melts", "Nun Gimmel Heh Shin". (Note: If you post more about these songs, please make sure you do not violate the Leevees' copyright by posting the full lyrics.)

Some of their music is also available through iTunes.

Band members

Members of the band:

  • Adam LeeVee - Vocals, Guitar (a.k.a. Adam Gardner)
  • David LeeVee - (a.k.a. Dave Schneider)
  • Michael LeeVee - Drums (a.k.a. Michael Azerrad)
  • Shawn LeeVee - Bass (a.k.a. Shawn Matthew Fogel)
  • Shank Bone Mystic - Keyboards

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