Lekh-L'kha is a weekly Torah portion or parsha. It is Genesis 12:1-17:27. Lekh-L'kha tells the story of Abraham (or Abram as he is called for the earlier part of his life) until he is called to the Land of Israel and forms the bond of the Covenant.

לך לך or with diacritic vowel marks לֶךְ לְךָ

The portion is preceded at the end of Noach with a bit about the family - genealogy and where they lived. Then, with the beginning of chapter 12, G-d tells Abram (to be known later as Abraham) to leave his native land and go to a place he'll be show later, promising him greatness and blessings. The next verses tell of Abram gathering his family and possessions and beginning his travels, with a stop in Canaan to build an alter where G-d tells him that this land will be given to his offspring. In verse 10, Abram goes to Egypt, where he asks Sarai (to be known later as Sarah) to pretend to be his sister. Because of Sarai's beauty, the Pharaoh takes her into his household to be his wife. Abram is given gifts in return, and the Pharaoh's house incurs plagues. When the Pharaoh finds out that Sarai was really Abram's wife, he sends them all off. In chapter 13...

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