Artist's depiction of Ruth
Title Prime example of a pure-hearted convert
Born Approx 1100 BCE
Died Approx 1200 BCE
Gender Female
Religion Judaism
Family Convert
Spouse Boaz
Residence Israel

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Ruth was a figure who lived around 1100 BCE. She is the great-grandmother of David.


The story of Ruth begins with her being a Moabitess princess. She learns about Judaism along with her sister. They both have an opportunity to go to Israel. Ruth and her sister go, but halfway through her sister decides to head back. Ruth continues onwards and reaches Israel, where she meets Boaz. She works for him, when she finds a love for Boaz. Naomi suggests to get Boaz's attention, and soon Boaz falls for her. They legally get married and give birth to Oved, who becomes the grandfather of David.

Ruth has a book named after her in the Tanakh.


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