The Hebrew word shalom has many meanings. Its most basic meaning is peace. In this sense, it does not just mean the absence of war or violence; it carries the connotation of inner peace and is related to the word for wholeness. It is similar to the Hawaiian word "aloha" in that it has this basic meaning and is also used as both a greeting and a farewell statement. Shalom is similar and related to the Arabic word "saalam".

It is also used as a name.

Alternative spellings: sholom, sh'lom.

It was used in ancient Hebrew as well as in modern.

In Hebrew it is written as שלום.

Similar words and related phrases

  • "Shalom aleichem" - Greeting (peace to you, friend)
  • "Ma shlomha" or "Ma shlomeh" - How are you? (masculine and feminine forms) more literally, How is your peace/welfare?

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