The Week of Creation was the first week of existence. Every day, besides the Seventh Day, G-d created something for creation.


  • On the first day, G-d created light and dark.
  • On the second day, G-d created a separation between the skies and the ocean.
  • On the third day, G-d created vegetation.
  • On the fourth day, G-d created the sun, moon, and stars.
  • On the fifth day, G-d created water breathing animals and flying animals.
  • On the sixth day, G-d created mammals and humans.
  • On the Seventh Day, G-d rested and did not create anything new.


  • A Midrash says that G-d was completely alone on the first day, and G-d didn't create the Angels until later.
  • On every day, besides the second day, G-d said the day was good. For the third day, it says this twice.
    • This might explain why generally people dislike Mondays.
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